MESU Football Raptor

The RAPTOR JIG (patent pending) has a free hanging interchangeable hook clevis. The plastic trailer is Texas rigged. So it's like a Wobble Head with a skirt that's fished like a Texas rig.  It comes with a TROKAR 110 4/0 hook.  Skirt colors are East Kansas Craw (our version of the Missouri Craw), Black/Blue, Perch Scum (watermelon/blue/yellow/orange), PBJ, TX Chub (watermelon candy/orange) and Water Pumpkin Purple (featured picture). Currently available in 1/2 FTB and 3/4 with new sizes and shapes coming some. Our durable powder coat has UV reflective properties. It's cost is just $4.99. 

MESU Football Raptor
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